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Power Hour 14 | How to drive customers to your website (without paid ads)

3 July 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

drive customers
In this live session, we will learn how to drive customers to your website without the use of paid advertising (not just random traffic)

How to drive customers to your website (without paid ads)

Friday 3rd July 2020, 12 pm (BST) on Zoom

In this session we will discuss digital marketing tactics to attract customers to your website without the use of paid advertising. By understanding how to monitor and attract an engaged audience you can cut through the noise, creating lasting relationships to grow your business.

How do I get customers to visit my website?” is the most common question we are asked by SMEs, so each action below is designed take you through the entire process from start to finish:

1) Setup | Learn how to set up intelligent tracking tools (Google Analytics, Console & CRMs)

2) Understand | Discover customer touchpoints and how to stand out from the crowd

3) Prepare | Ensure all marketing channels/lead magnets are consistent and in line with core values

4) Attract | Create a compelling story that offers real value to the target audience

5) Nurture | Build long-lasting relationships and repeat customers

6) Review | Monitor results and adjust campaigns to maximise effectiveness


How does it work?

Every Friday at 12 pm we hold a Zoom training session (Power Hour) focusing on a specific aspect of digital marketing. The key points are then transformed into a “Bitesize Marketing Guide” each with a dedicated page including a highlights video, podcast and handouts plus Q&A with local business experts and advisors.

Using the same principles that we apply to our own marketing campaigns and client projects; you will get practical advice that’s been proven to deliver results. The aim is to bring together decision-makers from across London to learn new skills, with the opportunity to network with over 270 qualified attendees and counting.

Why Bitesize Marketing Guides?

These guides are carefully designed to give business owners and marketing teams a solid foundation and free tools to develop their own campaigns. Each topic is separated into bite-size chunks with clear action points and no jargon so they can be implemented by anyone.

We cover topics such as Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Networking, Sales Funnels and more. Building a comprehensive reference point over time, driven by your shared challenges theoruby.com/marketing-guides.

How do I get involved?

1) Subscribe for free marketing guides and exclusive content theoruby.com/news

2) Join the live Zoom events every Friday at 12 pm at theoruby.com/events

3) Network with our local business community facebook.com/groups/enterprisenetwork

4) Get a free 121 Digital Marketing Clinic* via Zoom by emailing [email protected]

*These are 121 sessions to review your website and marketing activities or solve a specific challenge. Limited to 1 place per week with a free 3-month action plan and follow up call.

Speaker / Contributor Callout

We are always looking for key speakers and contributors to improve the series so please get in touch if you have valuable knowledge or practical skills to share with our community.

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