Personal Brand vs Brand Personality

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When you own a business it’s important to distinguish your personal brand and your brand personality as it’s easy to get confused between the two terms.

Personal brand: This is what your personality brings to the business as an owner and looks at the way you manage and lead your business that can help you to stand out from your competitors.

Business brand: This is when you build a business around a company name rather than your personal identity.

Brand personality: This looks at how people engage and interact with your brand. It’s formed through your mission statement as it shows your values enabling people to trust what your brand stands for. It also separates your personality identify from your business identity. 

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What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Establishing a Personal Brand?


  • Trust: By having a personal brand people will trust you more as they see you as a person rather than a corporate identity. Personal branding demonstrates what motivates you and why you make certain choices. 
  • Differentiation: If you have a personal brand, you can differentiate yourself from competition as you can communicate to (potential) customers the things that make you unique and stand out from others. 
  • Authenticity: Designing a personal brand means that everything is built around what you stand for, your values, visions for the future and the skills you possess. By being authentic you don’t have to put on an act so running your business will be so much easier! Running your business won’t feel like a chore, but instead something you’re excited to wake up to and work on every day.


  • Difficulty separating your work and personal life: Although having a personal brand brings so many benefits in terms of building trust with your customers, there is no way of separating your brand from your personal life as it is all linked together. Your personal brand represents what you stand for in your everyday life. 
  • Difficulty staying authentic: Although being authentic can be seen as an advantage it also presents itself with some issues. As your business grows, you may find it hard to stay authentic as you need to try and please more people.
  • Negative publicity: If something goes wrong then you can attract more negative attention which can be damaging as your business identity evolves around you and what you stand for. If you say something controversial, this is likely to be remembered which could put people off from wanting to be associated with your brand. This makes it difficult to re-establish trust and could have a long-term impact on your business.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Branding?


  •  Separate you work and personal life: Having a business brand means that your personality is not directly associated with the business. This can relieve pressure and constantly feeling like you have to behave in a certain way because of your brand identity. 
  • Selling your business is easier: Although you may not intend to sell your business, you may reach a stage when it might be worth selling your business to aid its growth. By not having a business with your name in the title, it’s easier to sell as its new owners won’t have to change the name to match its new identity so you can retain loyal customers. 
  • Freedom to name your business whatever you like: This gives you full creative control and a chance to create a unique name for your business. 



  • Less differentiation: A personal brand really allows you to stand out from competition and you can build your brand all around you and your unique values. A business brand has its limits in terms of differentiation as you’re creating more of a corporate identity.
  • Harder to capture people’s attention: A business brand means there might be less of a personality so a customer may not be able to relate to your brand. 


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