Marketing Clinic

Book a complimentary marketing session to tackle any challenges you are facing, or to get an independent website / SEO audit to hep grow your business.

Website Audit
 A general audit of your website and how it can be improved to grow your business. 

SEO Audit and Optimisation
 Rank higher on google with a detailed audit and tutorial on SEO on page. 

GDPR Compliance 
Ensure your cookie banner, contact forms  and privacy policy up to date.  

Have ad-hoc issues with your website or marketing setup resolved. 

Improve the look and feel of your website and User Experience (UX).

WordPress Updates 
Get support upgrading to the latest versions of WordPress.

Social Media 
Setup or audit your social media accounts, learn how to schedule and create a SM content calendar

Email Marketing 
Setup an email platform and start building your subscriber list. 

Content Creation 
Create a content calendar and start driving customers to your website. 

Spam protection 
Stop robots and spam from using your contact forms. 

Plus much more...
Get in touch using the form below or contact me directly to book in your 45 minute marketing clinic and grow your business today! 


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