Google Ads Grant for Charities – Get up to £7.5k for free every month!

Google Ads Grant for Charities - Get up to £7.5k Month

Google Ads Grant for Charities – Free Get up to £7.5k

As a non-profit organisation you may  not have a huge budget to spend on marketing but fear not as Google may be able to help you through Google Ads Grants! Did you know that you may be able to receive funding from Google Ad Grants? This could show your message to people searching for non-profits and you may be able to have access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads that are displayed on Google. This grant will allow you to create text-based ads and get access to tools that will help you to build an effective marketing campaign.

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What are the benefits to applying for a Google Ad Grant?

For some non-profit organisations the goal of advertisements can often be overlooked as a marketing tool to encourage customers to purchase goods and services. However, advertising is a powerful way to spread your message, gather support and raise awareness. So why apply? 

  1. Raise awareness of your cause: If people are using keywords that are relevant to your non-profit, they are more likely to see your ad.
  2. Drive more website views and activity: Advertising can help increase online traffic to your website.
  3. Track your non-profit marketing efforts: You have access to Google Analytics that will enable you to look at data in relation to your advertising and ROI which will help you to understand your marketing performance.
  4. Reach the people who need your help: People searching for a non-profit like yours will find you more easily.

Sounds tempting? Here are the steps to follow to apply for a Google Ad Grant:

    1. Apply for Google for Non-profits: Google will have to verify whether you’re eligible for a grant, to do this your non-profit must hold valid charity status in your country.
    2. Active Ad Grants: Login into Google for Non-profits à Active Products à Get Started and then fill in the assessment by clicking the eligibility form link.
    3. Launch a Successful Ad Grants campaign: After your request has been approved you will then be able to set up your first campaign.


It’s really that simple! You have nothing to lose, so why not get started today! Click the links below to find out more information and read about some of the success stories.

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