Get Visible with Out of Home Advertising

Get Visible with Out of Home Advertising

Get Visible with Out of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising is visual advertising found outside of the home and includes billboards, indoor and outdoor signs, ads on street furniture like bus shelters and ads found in train stations. Out of home advertising is important as it enables brands to reach out to people who are on the move and even engage with those who may not be their target audience as the advertising is hard to miss. It also allows a brand to create an impact, use location intelligently, drive online engagement, generate consumer action and allow for innovation. Although online advertising is seen as being more effective, people are now using ad blockers to prevent them from being inundated with pop-up ads, but OOH advertising doesn’t face this issue as they’re difficult to avoid.

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Although OOH advertising may be perceived as being expensive and only available to brands with large advertising budgets, billboards are now actually much more accessible, cost-effective, and profitable than ever before. It may be temping to buy more sites or locations that are cheaper, but busier locations are often better due to be able to reach out to more people. You could also use a less is more strategy to keep your message simple and generate more traffic.

Before implementing any OOH advertising, you need to set a goal for your ads. What do you want your ad to do? Are you announcing a new product or event? Do you want your goal to be broad or specific? Are you expanding your offerings? Once you have chosen your goal, you can then go on to choose the location of your OOH ad.

How to create a successful OOH campaign:

    1. Make it sharable: The most successful OOH campaigns are ones that create high levels of engagement and encourage the public to get involved by taking a photo of it or sending it on to their friends.
    2. Carefully consider the location you want to advertise in: Your budget will ultimately dictate where you choose to place your ad, as well as audience demographic and geography.
    3. Checkout the competition: Take a look at current OOH advertising campaigns and what your competitors are doing. This will help you to determine what features you like in OOH ads and what your competitors’ aren’t doing that can make your business stand out.
    4. Less is more: Keep your ads short, snappy, and straight to the point which will make you ad more memorable as not everyone is going to stop to read everything that is placed on an ad, particularly if they are in a rush- try and use 14 words or less.


Now that you know what OOH advertising is and how to create a successful campaign you can now go away and start brainstorming ideas to make your own campaign a success. Take time to do some more research to investigate the costs and consider using an agency to help you buy your advertising placements the first time around.

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