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Power Hour 17 | Demystifying Finance for Freelancers and Sole Traders

Special Co-Host: Azim, Karimjee, The EPS Partnership 

Understand your financial performance and manage your time efficiently to achieve your financial goals.

We all recognise that ‘time is money’ but when you’re under pressure to deliver and you have to do it all, it’s easy to lose focus.  You can’t see the wood for the trees!  Sound familiar – this session will provide you with some insights and some tips to stay in control of your finances, know whether you’re doing well or badly and pay the right amount of tax.

By following some simple steps, you will be better placed to make your finances work for you and not the other way round.  Say goodbye to working all the hours you can only to be told 3, 6 or even 12 months later by your accountant that you didn’t make enough money or that you have a tax bill you weren’t expecting!  This session will help you to understand:

  1. Context | Why is finance important and what you need to focus on
  2. Purpose | Link your finances to your goals
  3. Success | Define what success means for you
  4. Plan | Map out the performance you want
  5. Focus | Ensure that you do the things that contribute to your success
  6. Measure | Keep track of the right things
  7. Review | Monitor results and take appropriate action to achieve your goals

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Key Takeaways from Our Speakers

The EPS Partnership specialises in helping ambitious small companies to grow.  Please do get in touch for a free appraisal to see if we can help you.

  • Write down your goals (set objectives)
  • Make a plan to achieve that goal (create budgets)
  • Recognise that your time is your scarcest resource
  • Maximise the value you get for your time (focus on customers)
  • Keep your business finances separate from your personal finances
  • Focus on cash, keeping records to support the transactions in your business bank account (keep score)

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