The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business

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Digital marketing will play a massive role in your marketing strategy as more people use the internet, making this an effective method to reach out to new and existing customers. As so many people are recognising this, there are a wealth of digital marketing resources out there for you to use that will help you to grow your business, whether it is through content creation or finding automation software to save your time. Here are just some of the great best online marketing resources that you should be using.

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Best 6 Time-Saving Digital Marketing Tools

Canva: This is every digital marketer’s perfect tool for content creation. Canva provides you with templates for all social media platforms, presentations, documents, reports, business proposals and so much more! This is a great tool so you don’t have to design your own templates and fiddle around trying to work out page sizes. It has a gallery of graphics and fonts to use. Canva is free to use but does offer a premium version that provides you with access to exclusive graphics, a scheduling tool for posting content and the option to invite other members to collaborate on your content.

Visit: https://www.canva.com/

The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business 1

Grammarly: Grammarly is a free grammar and spell checker software that you can add on as an extension to Microsoft Office and Chrome. It detects errors as you go along by using AI and provides you with automatic replacements saving you time in the long run and improves your fluency, style, and tone. Although Grammarly is free, there is a premium version that detects plagiarism and provides more in depth feedback.

Visit: https://app.grammarly.com/ 

The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business 2

Zapier: This is an automation tool that connects all your apps and services together when you carry out repetitive tasks. You create a ‘zap’ that triggers actions. for example, if you sell an item, a ‘zap’ can trigger an email to be sent out to the customer, thanking them for making a purchase, then notify your other team members about the purchase via a tool like Slack and then adding the customer onto your newsletter list. This will save you time, allowing you to get on with more work.

Visit: https://zapier.com/

The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business 3

Bit.ly: This is a great tool to shorten your links so they are displayed in a simple way which will help to grow your brand. By having a branded link, you can build up trust with your customers, and increase brand awareness rather than having a generic link that is easy to ignore.

Visit: https://bitly.com/

The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business 4

MailChimp: This is an automation tool for managing and creating email marketing campaigns that are sent out to customers. This is a great tool that every marketer should use so you don’t have to send individual emails to every customer, MailChimp does it all for you! Once you’ve set up an account it automatically generates your audience o,r you or you can create a custom signup form which will then lead you on to create a campaign to be sent out. Once an email has been sent out you can track audience engagement to help you understand what your customers do and don’t want, allowing you to make changes to improve engagement levels.

Visit: https://mailchimp.com/en-gb/ 

The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business 5

Google Analytics: Use this tool to help with your future decision making! It’s a great tool, that is simple to use that tracks and reports website traffic, helping to measure your advertising ROI.

For an in-depth breakdown of how to get the most out of Google Analytics visit:


Or https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/provision/#/provision

The Best Digital Marketing Resources and tools to Grow Your Business 6

These are just some of the amazing resources out there. Have a play around and see which tools work best for you. It’s worth putting time aside to explore other digital marketing resources that you might find helpful. Here are some other websites that lists tools you might want to use in the future.




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