Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Businesses in London

Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Businesses in London

Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Businesses in London

This guide’s focus is on delivering actionable insights and strategies, devoid of unnecessary jargon. We’ll dissect the reasons behind using SEO, providing you with the tools to enhance your website’s visibility, attract organic traffic, and achieve your business objectives. This will help your business to grow organically online and give you the power to make these changes yourself. 

I noticed that many new business owners have had to traverse the Digital Marketing landscape with little experience or training, and this meant that their websites were underperformance and time-consuming! That’s why I’ve developed the SEO Guide to help you learn quickly from the experts.

This course is developed to give you the knowledge to start manage your own SEO to generate new customers and traffic on your website in short 15-minutes power sessions. Focusing on all the key areas to grow your business online, you will learn the essentials in the below topics. 

Or if you’re ready to start, make your business visible online! 

“Theo’s knowledge of SEO and digital marketing is worth every penny you invest, as it will reward your business tenfold! His warm approach and helpful attitude pave the way to lasting changes in your business – more clients and therefore, more revenue.”
Ana Colak (Copywriter)

Step 1: Introduction & Setup

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In order to start your SEO journey there are components you need to have in place.

First, through the process of setting up the relevant plugin and integrating Google Analytics, Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools you will create a set up for monitoring the success of your SEO through the traffic to your website.

Then you should use a Keyword Research Tool so you can get used to finding keywords for your website. This will help you to develop an SEO Strategy. 

Step 2: Keyword Research

With your SEO, keywords are the fundamental part of your strategy. Building a bank of short and long-tailed keywords is the building blocks of a successful SEO strategy. Have you taken the time to write down and analyse your keywords properly?

Remember that to find keywords you should think about the customer’s intent: 

  • Informational: To learn more 
  • Commercial: To find information for a purchase 
  • Transactional: Make a purchase
  • Navigational: Find a specific brand
  • Local: Finding local services
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Step 3: On-Page SEO

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On your website, you can find your on-page SEO techniques that make up the majority of how people view SEO. What is important to remember that on-page techniques alone cannot create a robust SEO strategy and you need to complete these stages alongside the other modules discussed in the Essential SEO Guide. 

In this section I show you how you can use SEO plugins to improve your SEO on: 

  • Titles
  • Meta Tags
  • Alt Text

By having an SEO Plugin you can then visually see your SEO scores, have ways of improving your scores with their on-page optimisation guidance and upgrade your content with the readability analysis.

Step 4: Content Audit & Creation

With your content, how often do you let it be guided by your keywords and SEO strategy? Your content plan should be reflective of your SEO, utilising keywords to boost your website’s organic traffic. 

I always recommend to schedule your content, to make sure you’re not under pressure to constantly produce and you have the broader sense of strategy rather than shooting in the dark. 

Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Businesses in London 4

Step 5: Link Building Strategy

Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Businesses in London 5

Have you done some work in building the number of back links that point to your site as a trusted reputable source of information? This module teaches you how being able to utilise backlinks helps to build trust in your website’s knowledge and reliability.

You can build back links by: 

  • Content Quality 
  • Guest Blogging
  • Broken Link Replacements 
  • Content Enhancements
  • Resource Page Inclusions
  • Social Media Shares
  • and more!

Step 6: Local SEO Management

Local SEO isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you’re working on your SEO strategy. Yet, I want to highlight that it’s a great way to boost your ranking and reach a wider audience.

Local directories create backlinks, highlight your website associated with your researched keywords and back up a strong online presence. 

Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Businesses in London 6

Step 7: Technical Audit

Learning where you need improvements on your current SEO can provide you will a roadmap to a better website and more organic traffic. 

The Technical Audit that I provide, will help you to identify the issues that are negatively impacting the health of your website. Each error is clearly marked on the report and explained so you can fix it yourself or with the assistance an SEO expert. 

By completing a technical audit on your website you have a snapshot of your current SEO that can be a platform for you to start your SEO improvements journey. 

Learn How to do All This and More...

If you’ve read through this and need more guidance, and a step by step to allow you to understand each process. Check out my Essential SEO Guide. In here you’ll follow through the steps outlined here but with more detail and a key actions to take away. 

“Theo’s value is immeasurable for small businesses and I benefitted from his services after just one phone call. He is generous with his time, thorough in his approach and provides tangible, affordable advices for businesses. I would highly recommend choosing his digital marketing services!”
Priya Chande (Unwind LDN)

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