Brand Personality

Brand Personality 1

What is Brand Personality? Brand personality are the attributes associated with a brand that give the brand a human-like function. By giving your brand human characteristics, it builds a connection with your customers and makes your business more relatable. Your brands personality is delivered through messaging, images, and marketing campaigns. Free Website AuDIT Share this […]

Personal Brand vs Brand Personality

personal brand

When you own a business it’s important to distinguish your personal brand and your brand personality as it’s easy to get confused between the two terms. Personal brand: This is what your personality brings to the business as an owner and looks at the way you manage and lead your business that can help you […]

Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling 5

Brand storytelling is a way of connecting your business to your customers by letting them know what your brand stands for and the values that you share with your customers. Through branding you can share a story with your customers using a narrative, welcoming the customer along on a journey to understand your business and […]

What Makes Up the Elements of a Successful Brand?

elements of a successful brand

To build a successful brand that are a number of elements you need consider. This will enable you to ensure that there is continuity across all the platforms you use and allow your brand to become recognisable to both existing and potential customers. All the elements that form your brand (font, colours, images, slogans etc) […]

How to Build Your Own Brand

build your own brand

Building a strong brand is essential for any business regardless of its size. Branding is what allows you to help your business differentiate itself from competitors, generate new customers, build brand recognition, and build relationships with your audience which can turn them into loyal customers. When you start to build your brand image it’s vital […]