Top Marketing Materials for Small Businesses

Marketing Material

When starting a new business marketing is extremely important in order to get your business out there and recognised, particularly if you are operating in a competitive industry. Your marketing needs to be unique (be prepared to take risks to help you stand out) and it should tell the story of your brand. Although we’re […]

Case Study: Pukka Pilates Fitness Website

Pukka Pilates

We are lucky to have worked with the amazing Cara, the founder of Pukka Pilates. Here’s how we worked with her and the top tips to making the most of our website design in her own words.. When I embarked on my Pilates affiliate business, my first priority was a website. But, like many business […]

How to Write Blogs and Articles that Promote Your Small Business

promote your small business

Posting regular blogs or articles is a great way to engage with potential customers and make your business more visible. This type of content isn’t just for the ‘Blog’ section on your website. You can also include it in email newsletters or post it as of your strategy for growing your network on LinkedIn. Free […]

Brand Personality

Brand Personality 1

What is Brand Personality? Brand personality are the attributes associated with a brand that give the brand a human-like function. By giving your brand human characteristics, it builds a connection with your customers and makes your business more relatable. Your brands personality is delivered through messaging, images, and marketing campaigns. Free Website AuDIT Share this […]