The Best Generative AI Tools for Small Business

Generative AI tools for small business

The Best Generative AI Tools for Small Business

AI tools are now ubiquitous within the small business community. However, I am seeing more and more people use them incorrectly and in a way that will actually damage your brand and reputation. It’s why it’s important to know which tools are available and how to successfully use them to make your life easier without making your tone robotic. 

In this guide I’ll show you through the main AI platforms to generate copy (writing), visuals (images) and audio. These are the three main ways in which AI tools have begun to surface. 

Generated Copy


Let’s start with the big one! Now most of you will have heard of ChatGPT, and a large portion will have had a go at using it’s free function online. It is great and can really help to develop ideas and get your brainstorming started. However, as the data is only taken from before 2020 you should be aware it might be out of date!



Gemini is a conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google. Because of this is is great at pulling things from Google but this does mean that there are some unreliable sources of information and so the facts need to be re-checked if you’re using this tool!

Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help you create content by pulling together data sources. This is great for pulling together ideas quickly. The problem with Jasper tends to be that it cannot understand more complicated technical topics and so loses it relevance in the niche.

Created by the start-up Anthropic to provide helpful, harmless, and honest, Claude AI differentiates itself through stronger reasoning, common sense, and safety capabilities. For this reason it is great at stopping unethical responses but as it is a start-up it does have less natural conversations and limited knowledge.


Autowrite focusses on being the best tool to support your SEO goals. It can help you create unique pages in seconds using your list of keywords. This mass effect is positive for creating large amounts of content with ease but it has no way to automatically publish this onto WordPress/ Shopify and has no image generation. 

Generated Visuals

Adobe Firefly 

Adobe Firefly can help designers to automate repetitive tasks and create some complex graphics quickly. However, it does have some limitations with compatability and customisation. This platform is one of the fastest growing AIs for visuals and is definitely one to keep an eye on. 


Dall-E-3 is owned by the same company as ChatGPT (OpenAI) and so is run from a familiar place.  It is best at faithfully producing desired content from broad, vague, or short text prompts.  However, is has been criticised as being less lifelike than other image generation AI platforms but does in general provide greater detail in it’s images. 



Midjourney is one of the original and currently most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) image generation tools. It is a text-to-image tool, Midjourney and has been trained on millions of art pieces from a wide variety of genres. Its is known for creating rich, vivid, high-quality images. However, the trial version is often critiqued for being chaotic and less helpful due to the chat function being accessible by many people at once. 


Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor, it includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, full multitrack editing, and AI tools. Now for a video editor it does have great affordability for things like trasncriptions but it is notoriously slow running and doesn’t yet have a mobile app. 


Genmo works across text, images, videos and even 3D models to support you with AI in your creative designs. It’s images are well known for being high-quality and it can also generate scenes for you in video. However, as it is newer on the market it does still have some teething issues and it’s price range can make it out of reach for some users. 

Generated Audio is an AI that helps you create engaging social media content from your long-form video or audio files. It takes the long videos and audio and can assist with trimming them into social media appropriate content.  It’s alpha version got released in 2023 and though it has some way to go it’s a promising start. 

Murf AI

MURF AI is used to make voice overs in minutes. You can use Murf’s lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations. It is a user-friendly platform that has high quality voices in a range of tones. However, there are still some complaints with pronunciation which can be tricky to fix so be sure to double check.


Speechify is a mobile, chrome extension and desktop app that reads text aloud using a computer generated text to speech voice. However, with only a three day trial this system can quickly get expensive. 

Amper Music

If you’re looking to create music using AI then Amper Music is the platform you can use to generate music for your clips or social media. It is free to create an account and start making music with the AI Composer but be aware to download it you’ll need to purchase a license.


AIVA is an AI music generation assistant that allows you to generate new songs in more than 250 different styles. With such a range of styles this is a great choice if you want to generate bespoke music and it also offers different pricing plans. Yet, you should be aware it might not be able to flag plagiarism or copyright issues. 

Bard VS ChatGPT

Let’s do a deep dive into the specific perks of ChatGPT VS the comeptitor Bard. Both of these AI systems are consistently being updated and changing so keep yourself in the loop when they’re releasing new features. 

Pros of Bard

So why pick Bard? For starts, it is know as being the better creative assistant and so if you’re working on creative pieces it can offer better insights. Beyond technological capacity it is also very user friendly and so as a platform works for most people. 

Cons of Bard

However, there are fewer genres and styles in Bard so it can be harder to find specific styles than other AI. Additionally, Bard can struggle to be specific and so might not align with your vision or style. 

Pros of Chat-GPT

Comparatively, Chat GPT is better at creating believable dialogues that can mimic your conversation style. You can have different tones and more interactive conversations.

Cons of Chat-GPT

While great for dialogue, Chat-GPT may not be as effective for narrative or descriptive writing. Also, it does have a fee for the latest editions of the service and so if you’re looking for premium features you’ll have to pay extra.

In conclusion, both Bard and Chat-GPT are powerful tools that can enhance your writing. The choice between them depends on your specific needs and the project you are working on. Whether you’re looking for a creativity boost, need help with dialogue, or want a tool that can do a bit of everything, there’s an AI writing assistant out there for you.

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