Power Hour 10 | Special Panel Discussion: Lockdown: How 3 small businesses coped with the crisis


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Lockdown has caused months of uncertainty and anxiety for small business owners in London. Most don’t know how/if there business will recover, whilst others have been unaffected or even grown during the pandemic.

Confirmed speakers to discuss strategies to overcome Lockdown for SME’s
Zoe Angle www.angleglass.co.uk
Denise Quinlan https://insightfulimages.co/
Pauline Perves www.pleasanthomes.co.uk
Theo Ruby, www.theoruby.com 

Power Hour 10 will be a panel discussion with 3 West London Based business owners, to share their success and failure with you.

We will dive into the steps they took to maintain normality and the outcome so that you can hopefully learn from their journey. 

Strategies to overcome lockdown

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Quick-Start Guide

When lockdown started all my projects halted- I couldn’t meet people face-to-face or go into their homes and the glass supplier shut.

Once I had given myself time to take in the new situation. I started looking at different ways of doing things.

I saw on Instagram a scheme called ‘Artist Support Pledge’ which was set up by an artist in response to Covid-19. The scheme allowed artists to sell small pieces of work and once they had sold £1,000 of work the artist pledged to buy a piece of work off another artist for £200. I thought it was a great mutually supportive idea between an international community of artists.

It worked- not only did it give my business a quick injection of cash, more importantly, I felt real support from past customers, friends and business colleagues when I really needed it. A real positive step forward. This was this first time I had sold work directly through Instagram. 

Later on, I was also approached to take part in a virtual craft fair, this was again a first for me. I was intrigued to see how it would work, so I said why not.

This all reinforced the importance of social media for publicising the business and made me explore different ways of selling my work.

I also made the most of my time by completing online courses so I could develop my marketing and social media skills.

So what I would take away from this experience would be to:

  • give yourself time to absorb new situations 
  • trust your instincts 
  • look out for new opportunities 
  • be open and adaptable in how you do things
  • remember learning new skills creates a positive mindset and makes you more likely to try something new

Zoe Angle
Angle Glass
[email protected]
07905 075 116
: @angleglass | www.facebook.com/angleglass.co.uk/ | www.angleglass.co.uk

Unusual times challenge the brain to be creative which against the backdrop of the unknown, is an upside for creative thinkers. 
  • Embrace it, even if it is scary. Unusual thinking presents different opportunities
  • For those who are more extrovert and enjoy connecting with others even if via zoom/skype etc. join local or regional business networking groups there are plenty of them and a good number are free to! Chiswick Lunch Break, The Institute of Directors (run free webinars on business led topics), Network My Club are some that worked for me
  • It was a good time to pick up the phone and say hello to clients just to see how they were getting on
  • Organise some of your own regular webinars ( I ran weekly FREE masterclasses which helped me give some structure to the week)
  • See how you can help others, even if shielding, assistance can be given via Zoom etc. or a phone call  
  • Organise socially distanced walking real meetings – when you’re zoomed out!  

As an extrovert in the Myers-Briggs sense, I needed to connect with like-minded people.
While shielding, key things I did 4 keys things to address this. 

I set up: 
1) A series of weekly lockdown masterclasses
  • How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn profile – for business leaders
  • How to cut through the noise and get great clients for business owners
2) SME force for good. 
A Facebook forum of like-minded business folk to share Free resources, network and influence with a community call every 2nd Friday morning. 
And also enjoy others’ FREE and amazing resources!

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