Power Hour 1 – How to Stay Productive at Home


Improve your digital marketing skills in 3 easy ways

How to Stay Productive at Home

The weekly Small Business Power Hour has been created to support entrepreneurs, startups and home-workers to overcome the challenges of running a successful business remotely. 

Our first session focuses on how to stay productive and looks at:
Social Media
Productivity Tools
Zoom / Video Conferencing
Healthy posture & eye health
Smart assistants & More. 

Power Hour 2 will be a Digital Marketing Clinic, Register Below to receive updates when the next one is released. 

How to stay productive at home

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Quick-Start Guide

  •  Try to get into a healthy routine and stick to it to maintain your work-life balance
  • Plan your day / week ahead and consider using a planner like the Action Day Diary 
  • Give yourself clearly defined breaks in the day 
  • Don’t forget to excercise and get up from your chair 
  • Look into the 20:20:20 rule to keep your eyes healthy 
  • Understand your strengths and find a working pattern that suits your habits 
  • Look at productivity tools like LoomZoomCanvaTrello &  IFTT 
  • Consider using Social Media to stay in touch with other businesses 
  • There may be a shift towards more remote working in the future so try to adapt accordingly 
  • Don’t feel bad if you do some housework in the day as long as you are productive overall 
  • Think about your mental health and reach out to loved ones if you are feeling low 
  • If self employed try to budget for dips and troughs as your income will most likely fluctuate. 
  • Remote desktop and screen sharing can help consultants to maintain a hands-on approach
  • Consider using a smart assistant to prompt you to take breaks and manage your day 

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