Organize Your Day Using Trello


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Trello is a post-it note style organisation board that syncs across all of your devices and includes countless features to help you throughout your daily life.

What can Trello do for your business?

  • Task management – Easily track and prioritise every task that comes your way
  • Capture – Store important information and find it easily when you need it.
  • Collaborate – Share tasks and to-do lists with clients, co-worker’s and partners.
  • Google Integration – Seamlesly integration with Chrome to create cards on the go
  • Media – Attach Video, Photo and links directly into your Board for fast access.
  • Reminders – Set due dates and flag milestones in your calendar.
  • Automation –Set up guided 1 click macros to save time
  • Power-Up – Advanced users can use power-ups to work with over 250 apps
Trello - productivity tool

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