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What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality are the attributes associated with a brand that give the brand a human-like function. By giving your brand human characteristics, it builds a connection with your customers and makes your business more relatable. Your brands personality is delivered through messaging, images, and marketing campaigns.

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Why is it important for your brand to have a personality?

  • Develop a brand image: Through having a brand personality, you develop a brand image- this is how you want people to identify your business and what you stand for. Brand personality looks at how your business behaves in the sector you’re operating in, whereas the brand image how you’re seen visually which could be through your logo.
  • Communication is easier: If your brand has a personality, it makes it easier for people to relate to your business as they share similar characteristics so they will understand the key messages you are trying to send out.
  • Brand differentiation: If you have a distinct brand personality you can stand out from your competitors. You should consider who your key target market is so that your personality is similar to that of your ideal customer.
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How do you create a brand personality?

Creating a brand personality should be decided in the very early stages of setting up your business as this will help you to understand what marketing techniques you want to use and future marketing strategies.

  • Brainstorm: Come together as a team and write down the list of characteristics you feel represent your band and target market. Categorise them and decide the ones that best suit your business values.
  • Look at your target market: Use your target market as inspiration as you should have the same characteristics as them to build a strong connection. You should consider conducting bother qualitative and quantitative research so that you have a strong understanding of who your target market is and why they would want to use your business.
  • Think of your brand as a human: Think of how your brand would act in different scenarios and ask questions such as what do they look like? How do they dress? What do they like to do in their spare time? By doing this, it will make it easier to design your brand as you will have a visual image of how you want people to see your business.
  • Have a brand style guide: Change in business is inevitable, and over time your team will change as people come and go. By creating a brand style guide you can keep details of your brand’s personality, colours, tone, style, and language that you use that people can go back to over time to ensure you maintain consistency.
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