Power Hour 3 | Video Conferencing for Business (Zoom Training)

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The weekly Small Business Power Hour has been created to support entrepreneurs, startups and home-workers to overcome the challenges of running a successful business remotely. 

Our third session focuses on video conferencing and looks at:

  • Why would you like to start video conferencing?
  • Which type of online meetings would you like to hold?
  • How to Join a meeting
  • Pre Meeting Settings
  • Productivity
  • Security

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Video Conferencing (Zoom Training)

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Quick-Start Guide

Top Tip: Try to stick with what people know. If you clients have been using a solution for years then why change if you don’t need the extra features.

Why would you like to start video conferencing?

  • Standard video call to see someone as you talk

  • Screen sharing

  • Remote Desktop Control

  • Polling / Q&A

  • Video Recording for playback

  • Live Streaming

Which type of online meetings would you like to hold?

  • 121 video meetings between you and a client or partner

  • One to many training and workshops

  • Group Meetings where everyone is involved

  • Webinar selected panellists and audience

Quick Summary

Skype – Quick and simple for those already connected on Skype – you would have to manually add each contact for a group session though.

Teams – Integrated into office 365 but better suited to a set team who will communicate on a regular basis

Google Meet – Replaces Google Hangouts and fully integrated into g-suite for basic but effective video conferencing. Has most features for up to 10 participants

Zoom – Designed for business with pro features like 2 way remote control, waiting rooms, register pages and more.

My Personal Preference – A mix of Google and Zoom to suit the meeting style. Google meet is integrated into gsuite so I can automatically send a link with easy access for any non-techy clients. However Zoom has everything I could ask for so I tend to use it to make sure that I have full access

Zoom allows you to share a link with anyone for a single event and is better suited for promoting a training session or workshop. Skype and Teams are more for weekly catchup’s and regular communication



Meeting Setup 

  • Schedule meeting and share link in advance

  • Invite contacts by gmail, outlook or simply copy URL

  • Customise meeting link

  • Sync with google calendar

  • Waiting room

  • Register page

  • Co-host

  • Recording 

  • Audio / Video 

  • Meeting password available


How to Join a meeting

Simply use the link provided and connect your video and audio

On a computer you can use in browser but will get a better experience from downloading the zoom client

In Meeting Options 

  • Manage participants
  • Mute / Unmute
  • Admit / Remove
  • Gallery view  Speaker view


  • Screen share for both host & participants

  • Record Video / Audio

  • Whiteboard

  • Screen annotation

  • Chat

  • File share

  • Facebook Live / YouTube Live

  • Whiteboard to annotate

  • Polls

  • Use waiting rooms 
  • Disable join before host 
  • Turn off screen sharing for participants 
  • Turn off telephone audio 
  •  Turn on password and be careful how you share the link 
Zoom is an incredible powerful video conferencing tool and has an unbeatable free plan but it’s always important to pay attention to the security settings. 

To find out more and get a free Zoom 121 training session please call 07709852364 or email [email protected] 

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