About Theo Ruby
Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Experienced digital marketer with over 9 years experience
  • Worked with large event organisers such as EMAP, IDC & CloserStill
  • Passionate about helping small businesses grow and increase ROI 
  • Access to remarkable resources and trusted network of professionals
  • Complete 360 solution for any of your marketing requirements
  • Face to face consultation and ongoing support via meetings, email, phone and skype *NEW* Free Zoom Training 
  • Personable and friendly service with long lasting relationships
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About Theo Ruby

Working With Me:

  1. First we jump on a Free Consultation call, so I can gain more understanding in your business requirements
  2. Second, I present you an action plan along with personal recommendations tailored to meet and exceed your marketing goals
  3. Finally, we set our communication schedule during the project to discuss the results (ideally a call every 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the length of the project)
  4. We offer free events as part of www.enterprisenetwork.uk 
Why Me?
  • Because you stay in control of your business

With my Training Service, you can get a full understanding of your marketing needs and easily set goals for your business. Otherwise, if the goals are already set, I create a clear path to them, leaving you to track the results of our efforts.

  • Because you will have your own marketing department at a fraction of the price

My work is focused on building your business up, saving on the marketing spend and freeing up your time to stimulate future growth and source new opportunities. With my 9-year digital marketing experience you can rest assured your marketing affairs are safe in my hands.

  • Because I unlock the collaboration power

I put a ‘touch of personal’ in our professional relationship by encouraging collaboration between clients and helping them bring new ideas alive

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